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Metra provides to industry aluminium components which are born from a high technological culture and can be perfectly fitted to the customer's product.  

- High production technology: Metra's high production capacity cobines high quantity and high quality by manufacturing products of any dimension and weight, perfect in all details and available in the desired quantity.

- Metra Consulting: the engineering and consulting department of Metra. 

Metra is not only an executive partner but a real 'technology and marketing consultant'. The expertise in technology and design combined with an in-depth knowledge of the market allow Metra Consulting to assist its customer during all phases, helping them to optimise and innovate the product (co-engineering) and to increase the value of the product contents in function of the market demand, even in its most subtle nuances.  

- Expertise with the human touch: the Metra team is always open to the customer during each phase of the job. A dedicated contact person who will answer to all possible requirements. 

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