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Metra offers an excellent, unique service which is dedicated to the ones who wish to combine a high level partnership with Metra's expertise and create value by realising state-of-the-art projects.

Metra Consulting brings to its client the expertise and professionalism of Metra's researchers to create design solutions aimed at achieving high development objectives. 

Metra exceeds the simple role of an aluminium supplier, offering technical and design services that meet with success the requirements and needs of those companies which are looking for synergy in a proactive partnership.

Metra Consulting brings to the client company:

- Design Partnership for the development of innovative projects;
- Service focused on identifying the best technical solutions and specifications;
- Innovative support for the identification of business solutions able to meet the even-evolving needs of the market;

A team of researchers, technicians and designers devoting all their skills to create proposals to meet the client's specific needs and create value.