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Since 1962 Made in Metra has been the philosophy that brings solutions to Italian and International companies that start from the supply of aluminium and turn into a flexible partnership that is always focused on innovation.

Dynamism and continual research, experience and approach to the relationship are the bearing points of a path that led Metra to qualify as a point of reference for the textile industry, with an annual production of over 90,000 tonnes of aluminium bars.

Thanks to a structure that is organised and efficient, but at the same time streamlined and flexible, Metra responds precisely to the most complete design needs with the versatility of a service designed to measure the needs of the client.



Today the Metra Group has extensive coverage of Italy and a strong presence in Europe and the world.
Under the guidance of the Brescia office, are 3 production establishments in Italy, 4 logistical centres and more than 40 points of sale, among dealers and retailers. In Europe and the world Metra is currently present across a commercial and distributive network to be able to supply the international market through the sites located in Canada (production), Austria, Poland and Romania (finishing and distribution), high standard of quality and service. The expansion continues, with internationalisation both at a production level and distribution level and a consistent search for growth in the network of partners, dealers and distributors outside Europe.


Metra qualifies as a partner of great technological culture, equipped with the experience and skills necessary to meet the most innovative requirements, all through a 360° production chain and a direct, reliable and durable relationship.

For Metra, alongside the Small Medium Enterprises means to put the product at the centre of everything, evaluating in, testing it, improving it and making it as attractive as possible to the market.
The experience and the ‘know how’ of Metra converge into a proactive partnership made from great business ideas and technologies.
Metra is a reliable partner for SMEs, focused on the common identification of solutions to improve their value.


Metra was founded in 1962 and specialised itself in aluminium and its extrusion, quickly becoming a leader in Italy and abroad for industry and construction.

The Metra Chain of Value Creation starts from the extrusion of the raw material, aluminium, to guarantee and control, in an absolute sense, excellence in each phase of design and processing, thanks to the complete traceability along the chain.

Metra guides the entire transformation process of the raw materials with art and experience, offering value solutions for their clients: the extrusion can follow a feasibility study, a design consulting and marketing stage, the production and completion with finishes and mechanic processing of a high level. All with their own systems and a contemporary approach to the principles of just-in-time and lean production, to ensure flawless results in every phase.


Aluminium culture and personal approach to the partnership with their clients are the marks of strength of the Research and Innovation of Metra.
The team of Metra researchers and designers have the ability to translate their knowledge of aluminum, from its properties and most innovative available applications into technological solutions of Value for the Client.
These strengths of ongoing research have led Metra, over time, to forge close relationships with major Universities, Research Centre and Sector Associations.
Metra does not look at innovation from the outside, but takes the client to the reality, providing personalized answers to the specific needs of the client, in a proactive way.


Metra’s ongoing research and innovation, is finalised by the creation o fan offer that is always in line with the expectations of the client and the market, that results in an extraordinary level of high quality excellence, recognised by the most important certification authorities at an International level.

Over time, Metra’s commitment to supply a product that is in line with the highest standards, has allowed Metra to obtain important certifications, such as:

- ISO 9001:2015 - “design and manufacture of extruded precision bars in alluminium alloy and components ancillary to systems for construction and in industrial application”

- I.R.I.S -“Manufacturing of aluminium alloy extruded sections and finished by mechanical machining for railway application”.

- CE Certification- factory production control.

- UNI EN 15088- “Aluminium and aluminium alloys –Products for building applications in construction”.

- QUALICOAT - QUALANOD - QUALITHERM - “Certification of products related to aluminum bars painted, anodised and assembled by Thermal Break”.

- LLOYD’S REGISTER - “Aluminium Alloy Sections for marine applications”.

- RINA - “Certificate of approvals of manufacturers of materials”.

- Certification LGA Bautechnik GbmH - “Bescheinigung über die Erstprüfung
für den Übereinstimmungsnachweis UHP”.

- SVTI ASIT - “Aluminiumrohren von Behältern des Typs 4”.

Quality management system - Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2008 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations.



ASSOMET (Italian association of non ferrous metals)

EAA (European Aluminium Association)

FEDERMECCANICA (Trade Union Federation of the Italian Mechanical Engineering Industry)

FACE (Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe)

ALFIN/EDIMET (Association of Italian Extruders and Metal Publishers)

UNCSAAL (National Union of Architectural Aluminium and Steel Alloys)

GDA (German Aluminium Association)

AFFG (Aluminium for future generations)

EUROMETAUX (European Aluminium Association)

CONFINDUSTRIA/AIB (Italian Industrial Association)