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Metra Green


Metra is not just about producing “Italian Style” and creating architectural expressions of everyday life...


The GREEN Metra philosophy has already been in existence and flourishing for many years and today, more than ever, it has gathered much consensus among experts and architecture professionals. This is due to the culture of low environmental impact and recycling which is increasingly relevant and important for companies wishing to stand out. That said, Metra's GREEN plan is not commercially orientated: Metra has always been convinced that being GREEN is entirely "natural".


The elimination of solvents from varnishes, water recover, fume recovery, recycling of aluminium and waste from work processes, low-energy production and the greater use of natural fuels.
Those who use Metra products also embrace all of the above, choosing products that are borne of clean and healthy thinking: the result of an extraordinary culture.
Metra is a member of the GBC (Green Building Council).


Windows and doors varnished with natural pigments with zero emissions (multilayer coatings, more resistant, better to the touch and higher quality chrome plating), windows and doors with an aluminium core covered with natural wood (stronger, more resistant, crushproof... naturally exciting surface finish), sun blade systems with photovoltaic blades, curtain walls and verandas with photovoltaic panels (natural energy with no aesthetic impact).
All Metra windows and doors are included in the Metra Energy programme: modern products designed to optimise and produce energy. Metra's products are always in complete harmony with the GREEN culture and a low environmental impact.


Our products are also the result of a shared feeling among Metra staff and departments. From recycling paper in the office, to printing brochures on ecological paper, and to varnishing using natural pigments... everyone who works in the world of Metra dreams GREEN and nurtures its ethical values.