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Internal doors:
METRA-Flex Internal doors

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Metra's internal doors can be used both in living areas of private homes and business areas... in both cases the solutions are ideal in many architectural contexts. 

Metra's partition walls are part of a complete system of profiles and accessories able to optimise and limit spaces, transforming them to suit own requirements. 

The shared elements surely are the style, the synthesis and the structural quality. Aluminium, wood, monolithic glass (8 mm thick)... the raw material is moulded with the requirements and appearance of the project. 
Doors and walls thickness can have an extra thin design and frames of various shapes and dimensions. 
The finishings are endless and exciting: from multilayer natural pigment colours to various oxidised and sand metallic effects. 

Metra's doors and partition walls guarantee solidity, perfect sealing, long lasting and acoustic comfort. Design compliments promise a wide choice and refined aesthetical taste.