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Metra a certified company

METRA SpA is a leading industrial company at a European level, in the sector of aluminium profiles. The projects in development are aimed at strengthening and boosting its position.

METRA activity consists in the design and development of profiles for building systems, industrial applications and applications based on the customer’s design.

Production takes place in modern extrusion plants.

METRA success is due to the attention the company pays to the needs of the customer, who considered as an integral part of the company. 

Among the Management primary goals is client satisfaction, to be pursued through the continuous improvement of product quality, an excellent quality to price ratio, and an efficient after-sales support. 

METRA invests its employees with the Energy necessary for achieving success, and its commitment to employees' training and professional growth involves the entire company structure.

In order to strengthen the quality already achieved, the structure, rules and deadlines must be maintained for each of the company Functions, as indicated in the current Manual and in related procedures, created in accordance with the ISO 9000 standard.

The Head of Quality Management is entrusted with the functioning of the Quality Control System, identifying problems relative to its management and coming up with the necessary corrective actions.

The Management has at its disposal well-trained employees and suitable means to guarantee the management, execution and verification of work to ensure the conformity of the system, processes and products to the related requirements.

The Management commits itself to carrying out audits and periodic documented re-examination of the Quality Assurance System for the maintening the level of quality achieved and to promote continued improvement. 

The Management


ISO 9001: 2015 (Metra SpA)

ISO 9001: 2008 (Metra Color)


CE certification





Certification LGA Bautechnik GbmH