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Made in Metra:
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Made in Metra

Metra offers a unique and exclusive service to both its customers and those who are just requesting information:

The free-toll number 800 562929 is available to all those who want to get to know Metra products better:
- For information about the dealer closest to you or the one most suited to your needs
- For dedicated consultation
- For consultation targeted at the specific product identified
- For learning more about the technologies related to Metra windows and doors:
Burglar-proof security, home automation, automation, PosaClima, Seaside, thermal/acoustic insulation, photovoltaic systems…

The pre and post sales assistance service ensures you are never alone and follows you step by step through every phase, from assembly to maintenance or expansion.

The maintenance KIT
METRA provides you with a special kit for the complete maintenance of your original windows and doors. Simply ask your trusted dealer